Swim Golf Score (SWOLF)

Swimming pool GOLF score, known also as SWOLF score is a way of measuring your personal efficiency when you swim. GOLF swim score is measured with a simple formula. After swimming one pool length (50-meter swimming pool is preferable) you count number of strokes it took and add to that number your time in seconds. As it is not easy to calculate during every training session, swimmers organize controlled stroke count drills or SWOLF sessions when they determine the most efficient techniques.

And to be clear about terminology number of strokes is the number of hand entries during the swim. We recommend 50 meters swimming pool for measuring GOLF to gather enough data to analyze.

Remember - GOLF is not a way to compare swimmers among them - this is to determine your own progress and growing effectiveness of your swimming technique. Effectiveness objectively must take into account many more factors like heart rate, calorie burn etc. You can see many swimming champions with very different SWOLF/GOLF efficiency index that doesn't necessary mean one of them is ineffective.

If you don’t have a modern way to measure your GOLF score (like swimming smartwatch Swimmo J) you can always conduct controlled stroke count drills when you basically keep the number of stroke constant trying different techniques and looking how they affect the time of swim.

This advanced feature is coming to Swimmo Training Watch and App very soon so if you are thinking seriously about bettering your efficiency in the pool you don’t need to look far. Swimmo provides this feature among many others and is your one-stop solution for all swimming need. Get it today!

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