Heart Rate Monitoring with Swimmo

Swim smarter and achieve goals faster thanks to heart rate monitoring and cardio workout.

How intense was your workout?

See if you gave your all by analyzing your pulse. Heart rate is the most objective way to measure your effort. Real time feedback lets you control intensity level during the training session. Using different frequency vibrations Swimmo communicates if you should adjust the intensity of the training in order to reach your goal.

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Swim smarter, not harder.

Thanks to heart rate monitoring you can take control over your training Depending on the heart rate zone you use during the swim training your muscles, endurance or accelerate fat burning. Additionally, thanks to Swimmo mobile app you can define goals Swimmo watch during your swim can alert you using vibrations if or slow down to stay in the chosen heart rate zone.

Target Heart Rate Chart
Beats Per Minute
Fat Burn
Warm UP

No chest strap needed.
Enjoy the swim.

Advanced sensors and algorithms allow Swimmo to monitor your pulse straight from your wrist. Most of heart rate solutions available on the market use a chest strap. This approach is uncomfortable for many swimmers as the strap is slipping of their body while moving fast under water. Thanks to Swimmo heart rate monitor you can forget about discomfort to focus on your goal while Swimmo collects your heart rate information.

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