Measure progress.
Compare results. Improve.

Swimmo watch and app.
Take control over your training.

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Winner’s Swimming Toolbox

Efficiency, speed, technique - With Swimmo you improve them all.

  • Lap and distance tracking
  • Lap and set times
  • Swimming log
  • SWOLF analysis upcoming

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How intense was your workout?

Heart rate monitoring. Intensity control in real time.

  • Comfortable use – no straps!
  • Measurement from the wrist
  • Feedback via vibrations
  • Advanced analysis
Swim faster to reach your goal

Keep the pace and win!

Plan, control and analyze your pace to be the best

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Self-awareness is the weapon of every winner

  • My swimming pace
  • My lap-by-lap and set-by-set results
  • My progress last month

With Swimmo app all these data is just a tap away.

Other features

  • Custom HR zones
  • Swimming style detection upcoming
  • Personal bests
  • Sharing results

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