Benefits Of Using Earplugs and Nose Clips

Earplugs and nose clips are some of the most common swimming accessories. They are designed to keep the pool water out of your nose and ears to improve the quality of the swimming sessions. Professional swimmers widely use earplugs and nose clips, but some of the beginners are often not convinced about the benefits or can’t get used to wearing the plugs or the clips. To help you out in making that decision, we have put together a list of benefits of using earplugs and nose clips in the pool.

Why should you use a nose clip?

Nose clips are simple swimming accessories made of bent wire padded with rubber for the comfort of the swimmer. Nose clips are designed to keep the water out of your nose while you are in the water. The basic principle is very simple – they bock your nose by pinching your nostrils together. But is using a nose clip during your swimming sessions a good idea? Here are some of the advantages of using nose clips in the pool during your swimming sessions. 

  • Nose clips keep water from getting into the nose. The main function of nose clips is to keep the pool water from getting into your nose, which is also their main benefit. The fear of water getting in your nose and lungs is the main thing keeping many out of the pool, (especially that the chlorine may be particularly unpleasant when it gets to your nose), and nose clips can stop that.
  • Nose clip increases relaxation in water.  This benefit is a direct consequence of the one above. Once the worry of the water getting into your nose is resolved and dealt with, you will be able to relax more in the water and enjoy your swimming lesson without any worries.
  • A nose clip helps with focusing on more important, technical aspects of swimming. Stopping the water from getting in your nose can take up a lot of energy in the pool, especially if you are a beginner that does not have their breathing technique down just yet. A nose clip may help you with this, indirectly imposing a better breathing technique.

Benefits Of Earplugs in The Pool

Swimming earplugs are a commonly used accessory that prevents the water from getting inside the ear canal, which could cause damage and infection, including the notorious „swimmer’s ear”. Here’s why you should use earplugs:

  • Earplugs protect ears from infection.  Ear canals are highly sensitive to water, which is why it is strongly recommended to wear earplugs while swimming. One thing you want to avoid during your swimming training is getting an ear infection because it is uncomfortable and painful, and it can keep you out of the pool for an extended period of time.
  • Earplugsprevent feeling dizzy. 
  • Using earplugs during your long swimming sessions will stop you from feeling dizzy after longer swims, especially if you are swimming in the very cold water.
  • Earplugs are easy to use and comfortable. Earplugs are soft and comfortable to use, and they will not hinder your swimming session and swimming progress.  The feeling of having something in your ear may feel unnatural at first, but getting used to this is a matter of minutes.

After you’ve equipped yourself with these basic accessories, consider something more advanced – such as a swimming tracker.


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