Habits Series Part III: 5 weird swimming habits

This is the third part of our Habit Series and today we want to help you out explaining some of your weird habits and quirks to non-swimming friends and family. If you want to see previous habits posts you can find them here and here.


We are ready to fall asleep always and everywhere

Bus bench, loud party, edge of the swimming pool or bouncy castle during a kid’s birthday grills – we don’t care! We just want one more minute of sleep. It’s not some strange mutation or mysterious tropical virus and we definitely are not lazy! Just the contrary – we sleep so much because of the immense amounts of energy a swimming training requires!

That’s our version and we stick with it!


We are ready to eat always and in most places

Again – this is about all the calories we burn while in the pool for long hours and this time we have hard facts to back this up – just look at swimmers’ bodies and then look at their typical breakfast and second breakfast and many more meals we devour every day!

How can you recognize a swimmer at the party?

You look for a guy guarding the food table!


Drying hair? No reason

Using a hair dryer is perceived by most swimmers as a complete waste of time and almost none of us dry their hair. First of all – it’s going to be all wet again in few hours during our evening training and second of all – we can use this time to do all the weird things I wrote about in this post (but mainly sleep or eat).


We live, travel, learn and party in packs

As you probably have realized by now – it’s very hard for a non-swimmer to understand all the quirky little rituals and actions that makes us swimmers (and weirdos – we know!).  On top of that, our teammates are those we spend most time with. They also witnessed all the worst and most beautiful moments of our lives as athletes and as kids. Teenagers and so on. This bond is very strong and might be the reason why we do everything together in big goofy packs of laughing mad men and women!



We own so many sweat pants…so many

You can say that’s not that weird, and a lot of people like wearing warm and comfortable sweat pants. But then you see our apartments and closets and you realize you knew nothing about sweat pants up to this moment. We love how easy it is to put them on over our wet legs and we love how most of them have names of swimming meetings on them and we love how we got many of those for free J  I have to admit that having a wedding sweat pants might be too much for most. But we are sweat pants loving swimmers and we are very proud of it.


Swimmo was created just for swimmers!

We are a very specific group of people with very particular habits and needs. That’s why we’ve decided to create Swimmo thinking about those needs and we consulted real swimmers every step of the way. With laps, distance, pace, heart rate monitor, custom goals and much much more Swimmo is simply the ultimate tool for every swimmer however weird and quirky he is!




Latest swimming technology available for You


Boost your workout with these advanced features

  • Lap and Distance Counting

    Fully automatic and accurate with and without professional turns.

  • PaceKeeper™ Mode

    Set your goal and swim at a predefined pace. Smart vibrations will tell you when you need to speed up or slow down.

  • Heart Rate Monitoring

    Stay in your chosen heart rate zone and burn calories more effectively. Smart vibrations will let you know when you need to push yourself harder or slow your pace down.

  • Real-Time Haptic Feedback

    Swimmo communicates specific actions via unique vibration frequencies.

  • Custom Workout Goals

    Using Swimmo App you can quickly create your own training goals that are best suited for you and your needs. Sync them wirelessly to Swimmo watch from your smartphone.

  • Training History
    (Swim Logbook)

    Simple charts and detailed views of the training sessions are always with you in a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS.

  • High-Precision Calorie Counter

    Advanced algorithms based on pulse deliver more accurate data about calories you’ve burned.

  • Rotate&Tap™ Technology

    Designed to be easy to use in the water. You don’t need to press any buttons to use your Swimming Training Watch. Simply rotate your wrist and tap the screen to gain full control over your watch.

  • Swimming Community

    Share your swim data with your friends via Facebook and other fitness apps. Compete, compare, and cheer each other on.

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