How To Nourish Your Child’s Passion for Swimming

Having a child that naturally gravitates towards swimming and water is great because it means that the child’s motivation to swim comes from within. However, once you notice your child’s passion for swimming and water, it is your responsibility to nourish it and see what it grows into; it might be a short-lived whim, a life-lasting hobby, favorite physical activity, or a life-long passion and career.

Here are some tips for parents of children that love water and swimming that will help nourish that swimming passion.

Provide everything that the child needs.

This is quite self-evident, but your child needs you to take care of pretty much everything logistics-related in their daily lives. That is why you need to make sure to find suitable swimming coaches, good swimming lessons, provide good swimming equipment, drive them to their lessons, and so on. If you have a child that shows interest in swimming, make sure to do your part of the equation and provide everything needed for this activity. Passion should not be hindered by something so basic!

Be involved but not overbearing.

Being an involved parent means walking the thin line between being overbearing and letting the child do their own thing. Try asking your child questions about their passion and plans, but do not make your opinion the main point of the conversation unless they ask. Make sure your child knows that they are supported to make their own swimming decisions. Ask questions, provide pointers and pieces of advice, and point your child in the right direction. Your child will be much more confident in their swimming journey once they feel supported but not suffocated by their parent.

Help your child set swimming goals.

If your child is looking to swim professionally and regularly, work with them and their swimming coach to set swimming goals for their future. Depending on your child’s age and personality, making this a fun competition might be beneficial, and it might make the child more determined to achieve those swimming goals. Once goals are made into a game, achieving them is much more fun, and the light-hearted approach will put less pressure on the child.

Do not make your goals their goals.

It is normal (and commendable) to want your child to be active and healthy and have a physical activity that they attend regularly. It is very smart to create a habit of physical activity early in childhood because it makes it easier to stay physically active in the adult years of one’s life. However, some parents tend to cross that line, and they put the burden on their (sometimes not accomplished) goals on their children. Try to avoid doing this. Your child will feel that pressure, even if you do not say it outright. Support your child, but never put pressure on them based on what you want them to be.

Start swimming for fun, not just for effect.

If you can, make swimming a regular, fun, family activity, with absolutely no pressure involved. Go to the beach, the lake, or the pool, and have some family fun, doing your child’s favorite activity with absolutely no pressure. It will create a tighter family bond, but it will also make swimming more significant for the child.


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