Misconceptions And Myths About Swimming

The majority of people are familiar with the fact that swimming is one of the best and safest forms of exercise for the body and mind! However, there are some misconceptions and myths about this sport that are swimming around (pun intended!). We are here to bust some of the most common myths and misconceptions about swimming!

Myth#1: In order to be a good and skilled swimmer, you have to be extremely fit

This is one of the most harmful myths about swimming because it tends to keep people away and scared from giving this sport a chance. The truth is that swimming is a sport for everyone: kids, teenagers, pregnant women, moms, older and injured people, and professional athletes. Swimming is often recommended for older and injured people, as well as overweight and extremely overweight people, as it is one of the gentlest forms of exercise. Thanks to taking place in a liquid, swimming is very gentle on the joints and the body. So, if you want to take on swimming but you are scared because you are out of shape, do not be, as there is no reason!

Myth #2: You should wait one hour to swim after eating

The misconception that you have to wait at least an hour to get into the water after eating a meal is widespread among people, and the myth is pretty old. This belief comes from the concept that the energy required to digest food will take away from your limbs, making you more likely to drown. We now obviously know that this is not true. As soon as your body starts with any form of activity or exercise, your brain is essentially going to put digestion on hold and focus your energy systems on your physical activity.

However, keep in mind that eating a big meal or drinking alcohol before your swimming workout is not the best idea. Instead, save it for after the swim, because you will be hungry and tired.

Myth #3: You cannot lose weight from swimming

Even though there is much more to your health than your weight, some people’s health goal is to lose weight, but they might skip swimming because they believe in the misconception that swimming is not an excellent weight-loss option. The actual truth is that swimming is a workout that burns many calories and is very likely to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Myth #4: Chlorine turns your hair green

Chlorine has nothing to do with your hair turning green; it is all copper’s fault. Copper sulfate is a chemical in the water that aids in preventing algae growth. Prolonged exposure to copper sulfate is going to cause your hair to get that recognizable green tint. A solution to this issue is relatively simple: wear a swim cap while swimming in a pool. A swimming cap is a handy solution that will protect your hair from the impact of chemicals.

Rememberthat while chlorine does not turn your hair green, it can still dryit out. So be sure to give it a good rinse and use some hydratingconditioner to keep your hair smooth and silky.


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