Swimmer Holiday Season Gift Guide 2017


So you have a swimmer in your life but you’re not sure what to get him or her? With our gift guide, you’ll be able to understand the purpose of many specialized items and make an informed decision about what to get this special swimmer who wants to become a swimming pool champion one day. Here are some types of items a swimmer definitely needs to achieve their goals.

Swimming Suits

Here are different types of swimming suits:

A wetsuit reduces drag for better results and also helps when you’re swimming in cool open waters.

Competition Suit
Competition suits are used during meets and their characteristics are regulated by swimming institutions like FINA.

Practice Suit
Practice suits are more durable and also can create additional drag to make you work harder during workouts!

Swimming Caps

Caps, contrary to the popular opinion do not keep your hair dry and this is not its purpose. Caps are here to keep your hair out of the face and also to keep your goggles straps into place.

Neoprene Cap
As they are made of the same material as wetsuits they help you keep your head warm in cold water.

Latex Cap
Very durable and fit tightly so they give you a speed advantage. That is why they prefer this type of caps during competitions.

Training Watch

All the items on our list help a swimmer to become better at what they love. To help them, even more, it is very important that they understand their progress and keep a log of all their training sessions. So if the swimmer you want to find the gift for loves also electronic gadgets and devices there’s no better choice then Swimmo Swimming watch that will wow him this Christmas!

Types of Swimming Goggles

Depending on the situation you can choose blue goggles (in bright light), smoke (lowers brightness with clear vision) or mirrored (reduces brightness and glare).

Competition Goggles
They’re meant for racing. In most cases, they are low profile, technical, and fit close to the eye socket that reduces drag and is making you more hydrodynamic.

Practice Goggles
Generally, more comfortable as they are supposed to be worn during everyday workouts. They also have more gasket rubber to soften the force with which the goggles push against your eyes.

Other useful gadgets for swimmers

Ear/Nose Plugs
If you want to keep water out of your ears, consider a pair of soft silicone earplugs. The same goes for your nose—use a nose plug if desired to keep water out of your nose.

Swim snorkel
Perfect to practice focusing on the stroke and the technique as it allows to swim without having to rotate your body to breathe to the side

A kickboard is a floating device used by swimmers during practice to enhance their kicking skills.

Excellent tool to use while doing technique drills. Let you concentrate on the drill, rather than staying afloat.

Pull Buoys
Devices used during pull sets. They improve your body position when you’re not kicking.

Swim fins
Fins increase kicking speed during practice. It is the best way to develop legs strength in the pool.

Water noodles
Long flexible cylinders made of foam can both be pool toys and also help you float while developing correct leg motions.

We hope our quick guide helped you understand the usefulness of all the different types of items and gadgets that swimmers use! Go get him something special and you’ll surely see a smile on his or her face!


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  • Lap and Distance Counting

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  • PaceKeeper™ Mode

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  • Heart Rate Monitoring

    Stay in your chosen heart rate zone and burn calories more effectively. Smart vibrations will let you know when you need to push yourself harder or slow your pace down.

  • Real-Time Haptic Feedback

    Swimmo communicates specific actions via unique vibration frequencies.

  • Custom Workout Goals

    Using Swimmo App you can quickly create your own training goals that are best suited for you and your needs. Sync them wirelessly to Swimmo watch from your smartphone.

  • Training History
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    Simple charts and detailed views of the training sessions are always with you in a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS.

  • High-Precision Calorie Counter

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  • Rotate&Tap™ Technology

    Designed to be easy to use in the water. You don’t need to press any buttons to use your Swimming Training Watch. Simply rotate your wrist and tap the screen to gain full control over your watch.

  • Swimming Community

    Share your swim data with your friends via Facebook and other fitness apps. Compete, compare, and cheer each other on.

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