Total Immersion Swimming technique – what is it and is it for you?

The total immersion technique is definitely much, much less scary than it sounds. This swimming technique focuses on getting you to copy elite athletes and learn how to swim like a fish. Keep reading to find out more about this interesting swimming technique.

What is the Total Immersion Swimming technique?

Wehave a US swimmer, Terry Loughlin, to thank for creating a totalimmersion swimming technique. Terry Loughlin has realized that thebest swimmers tend to move through the water highly efficiently. Thekey to their fluid movement was the fact that they are not trying tobeat the water into submission, rather moving along with it to theirown advantage. Terry has introduced the total immersion swimmingtechnique as a new and innovative way to freshen up the traditionalswimming technique norms that involved stronger strokes and powerfulkicks.

Now, not every swimmer will become an Olympic swimmer, but that does not mean that this technique is reserved for the elite only; everyone can (and should!) learn how to swim in an efficient way. According to Terry Loughlin, total immersion swimming means fishlike swimming instead of human swimming.

What is the difference between fishlike swimming and standard „human swimming”?

Humans are not meant to live underwater, and that surrounding is foreign to them. That is why we tend to flail around, struggle to catch a breath on the surface, and exhaust ourselves by pushing against the power of water. On the other hand, fishlike swimming is hydrodynamic and relaxed, thanks to its natural movements. The fishlike movements are minimal but highly effective, which allows them to move through the water without wearing you out and tiring you out. The idea behind the total immersion technique is to create a small „hole” in the water and then to slip yourself through it. To observers, this style looks relatively effortless. The total immersion swimming technique is based on three sequential skills: balance, streamline, and propulsion.

Who should try the Total Immersion Swimming technique?

Total immersion swimming is going to work perfectly for those looking to improve endurance in the water and streamline their swimming technique. Similar to tai chi, the total immersion swimming technique is a water-based form of mindfulness that can help to align the body and the mind. Thanks to the rigorous movements required by the technique, you will certainly have something to think about and concentrate on.

The importance of a swimming coach

Ifyou are just starting out with the total immersion method, make sureto have a certified trainer available to show you proper form andobserve your performance to make sure that you are not puttingyourself at risk of injury or worse. On the other hand, if you are acomplete beginner when it comes to swimming, having a swimming coachis more than advised. Swimmer beginners can learn the total immersionmethod, but supervision is required in order to ensure safety. Thesame goes for small children, no matter how skilled in swimming.


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