Is swimming really a good workout?

So, it is something people say: 'Swimming is healthy’, 'Swimming is the best workout’, 'Swimming is the safest sport’…but is it really? As this comes up so often I’ve decided to bring together everything we know and all the pros and cons and put it all in one blog post so you can decide for yourself looking at the evidence.

SPOILER ALERT: WE love it and we believe it’s almost for everybody :)

So let’s not waste any time and jump into the pool of knowledge!

What are the benefits of swimming?

So many people say that swimming will exercise your whole body and I’d absolutely agree but for those who will try to get in shape swimming backstroke for an hour will not see these benefits – you still have to work hard to achieve your health and fitness goals.

So instead of 'taking it easy’ swim using freestyle to start working on your legs, arms, shoulders, back, butt and more! Turn it into a race and pick up the speed a little for 20 minutes and on top of that the benefits of cardio training will kick in and you’ll start burning fat, strengthening your lungs, activating your brain and fight with bad mood – all at the same time?

Show me one other sport that can do that, cynics! :)

If you happen to have an injury from running or cycling swimming is also a safe alternative that will keep you active when your knees can no longer carry you during long runs or cycling workouts.

On top of all, that swimming is very soothing and almost meditative activity that can also replenish your psychological strength.

What can’t you achieve with swimming?

There’s one or two particular fitness goals swimming is not great for and that’s building muscles and strengthening your bones. Those two things require you to lift weights and swimming won’t really help you too much. So if you want to be lean and mean choose swimming and if you’re going for a more Hulk-like look – get into the gym!

Is swimming really a good workout – the verdict

All and all almost universally swimming will be an amazing workout for you and for everybody will be an amazing additional activity next to your main one like running or cycling. Swimming is safe, healthy and one of the very few sports you can play every day.



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