Get stronger.
Compete. Survive.

Swimmo watch and app. Boost your results using high-end tech.

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Swimmo survival kit for Triathletes

All the features and data you need to keep going until the finish line.

  • High-contrast full-color OLED screen

  • 18 h battery life in training mode

  • Safe and comfortable materials

Open water tracking upcoming

Measure your distance with more precision. Forget about GPS disconnection problems.

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Steady pace is the key

Vibrations will tell you when you need to change the pace.
Plan the use of your endurance in a smart way.

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Be smarter and stronger swimmer with heart rate monitor

Pulse measurement from the wrist
Vibrations will alert you if intensity adjustment is needed

Other features

  • Automatic lap count
  • Stats on the go in a sleek mobile app
  • Rotate&Tap navigation
  • Personal bests
  • Sharing results

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