Heart Rate Monitor for Endomondo

Meet Swimmo, the training watch fully integrated with Endomondo. Its heart rate optical sensor allows you to measure your heart rate and send it wirelessly via Bluetooth to Endomondo iOS and Android apps.

Enrich Your Workout with Data about You

By tracking your heart rate during the training, you will be able to know how intense your workout is. Thanks to that, Endomondo will also count more accurately how much calories you have burned.

Strapless & Comfortable

Unlike other gear for Endomondo, Swimmo measures your pulse from your wrist. It's very comfortable and accurate. Ditch the uncomfortable HR straps forever.

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Heart Rate Zones to Train Smarter

Heart rate zones are a great tool for monitoring the intensity of your workouts. You can train smarter with HR monitor. For example by staying in the "fat burn" heart rate zone you can burn up to 85% energy from fat. Find out how much time you spend in the five different HR zones.

Let Your Data Stay in Your Hands

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Swimmo uses Bluetooth to be compatible heart rate monitor for Endomondo. It is a universal and open protocol. Unlike ANT+ proprietary protocol used by other straps, Swimmo works together with many other fitness apps of your choice. This way you won't be locked in.

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