Track Your Swim with Endomonodo

You can’t take your smartphone to the swimming pool so there’s still no great solution for swimmers! This is not good and we believe swimmers deserve same quality tracking as cyclists and runners. What you need is a device that will smoothly integrate with Endomondo and send your swimming data automatically to the app.

Say NO to Manual Input of Swimming Workouts

Swimmo integrated with Endomondo is a complete solution for all swimming fans. It allows you to track and send automatically your swimming data to Endomondo app. You don't have to do anything. After each swim, your swim workouts will just appear next to your runs and cycling sessions!

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Meet Endomondo-like Training Watch for Swimmers

We've created smart functions of Swimmo with real time feedback based on different frequencies of vibration. Next time when you're not pushing hard enough Swimmo can vibrate to let you know! This will also allow you to train in heart rate zones and achieve goals faster.

Just like with Endomondo, Swimmo allows you to control your progress during the workout but it didn't stop there. Swimmo will also help you improve while in the pool.

Your Swimming with All Other Fitness Logged in One Place

Now you can use the power of Endomondo stats and analysis loved by millions also in water thanks to Swimmo. No need for complicated data exports and many different apps. With your Endomondo account you'll integrate all of your sport activities under one roof. This way you have the complete outlook of your life as an athlete!

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