Garmin Forerunner 920XT & 910XT vs Swimmo Comparison

Last few days we’ve heard a lot of amazing feedback from our Kickstarter backers and swimmers interested in product. One question is coming back to us quite often so we’ve decided to write it down for everybody to read and share. This question is: „Great, but isn’t it exactly what Garmin Forerunner 910/920 does? What is the difference?”

Here’s a list of all the unique features of Swimmo never before built into one smartwatch:

This smartwatch is really SMART!

Swimmo users will have a whole toolbox full of possible trainings and goals thanks to unique smart features that will help guide you and send friendly remainders during the swim. That’s right – IntensityCoach, PaceKeeper and TrainingGuide will all provide real-time feedback to swimmers during the swim. If you loose intensity or picked up the pace to rapidly you want to know it when it happens not after the whole training! Swimmo is giving you just that.


Continous heart rate monitor in the water

Next thing that was our great ambition was to free the swimmer from those horrible chest straps! So we’ve build (after many months of trials and errors) brand new sensor that will allow to read the pulse from swimmer’s wrist. This is not only comfortable but also alows Swimmo to analyze the heart rate with conjunction with the rest of measurements and give you the most complete and rich real-time feedback from any smartwatch in this category.

Swimmo's heart rate sensor

Where are my buttons?

Another good example of how we designed Swimmo is the interface and how you control it. Smartwatches today, as they never focused on swimmers as we did, are big and cluncky but the worst thing is they have 5 or 6 buttons! How are you suppose to control this thing while in the pool? We didn’t know so we decided to create something new and different…That’s how Rotate&Tap was born and this is how we got rid of ALL the buttons. With simple flick of the wrist you choose an option from the menu and with a single tap you confirm your choice. That’s all and it is as easy to use as it sounds.

Swimmo is beautiful inside & outside

Perfect app in a perfect world.

We wanted to build an amazing mobile app for you to use with Swimmo. We knew that no one understands our product like we do and the app (for Android and iOS) is easy to use but full of features and all around exciting. You can read about it in our previous post). At the same time we understand that there are familiar and wonderful ecosystems and health sites that already are logging people’s progress in other disciplines. That’s why we’ve also integrated Swimmo with many popular systems like HealthKit, Endomondo,, RunKeeper, Strava and many more! This way you – the user have a choice and can collect data from many activities in his favorite application.

„How much?”

Yes, last huge difference between Swimmo and those models of Garmin is the price!. We’ve packed all that inteligence, technology, sensors in one georgous watch and still you are able to pre-order it on Kickstarter for almost half the price of the competitors. Swimmo right now is available for only 169 USD (even less in multipacks!) and mentioned models are 399-449 EUR. In other words there’s gonna be a lot more swimmers who will finally be able to afford great smartwatch.




Latest swimming technology available for You


Boost your workout with these advanced features

  • Lap and Distance Counting

    Fully automatic and accurate with and without professional turns.

  • PaceKeeper™ Mode

    Set your goal and swim at a predefined pace. Smart vibrations will tell you when you need to speed up or slow down.

  • Heart Rate Monitoring

    Stay in your chosen heart rate zone and burn calories more effectively. Smart vibrations will let you know when you need to push yourself harder or slow your pace down.

  • Real-Time Haptic Feedback

    Swimmo communicates specific actions via unique vibration frequencies.

  • Custom Workout Goals

    Using Swimmo App you can quickly create your own training goals that are best suited for you and your needs. Sync them wirelessly to Swimmo watch from your smartphone.

  • Training History
    (Swim Logbook)

    Simple charts and detailed views of the training sessions are always with you in a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS.

  • High-Precision Calorie Counter

    Advanced algorithms based on pulse deliver more accurate data about calories you’ve burned.

  • Rotate&Tap™ Technology

    Designed to be easy to use in the water. You don’t need to press any buttons to use your Swimming Training Watch. Simply rotate your wrist and tap the screen to gain full control over your watch.

  • Swimming Community

    Share your swim data with your friends via Facebook and other fitness apps. Compete, compare, and cheer each other on.

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