Boost your workout with these advanced features

    Swim Metrics

  • Automatic Lap Counting
  • Pace
  • Duration
  • Distance

    Bio Metrics

  • Calories You've Burned
  • Heart Rate (Swimming)
  • Heart Rate (Other Activities)

    Key Features

  • Dedicated Mobile App (Android & iOS)
  • PaceKeeper™ Mode
  • Real-Time Haptic Feedback
  • Training History

Boost your workout with these advanced features

  • Lap and Distance Counting

    Fully automatic and accurate with and without professional turns.

  • PaceKeeper™ Mode

    Set your goal and swim at a predefined pace. Smart vibrations will tell you when you need to speed up or slow down.

  • Heart Rate Monitoring

    Stay in your chosen heart rate zone and burn calories more effectively. Smart vibrations will let you know when you need to push yourself harder or slow your pace down.

  • Real-Time Haptic Feedback

    Swimmo communicates specific actions via unique vibration frequencies.

  • Custom Workout Goals

    Using Swimmo App you can quickly create your own training goals that are best suited for you and your needs. Sync them wirelessly to Swimmo watch from your smartphone.

  • Training History (Swim Logbook)

    Simple charts and detailed views of the training sessions are always with you in a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS.

  • High-Precision Calorie Counter

    Advanced algorithms based on pulse deliver more accurate data about calories you’ve burned.

  • Rotate&Tap™ Technology

    Designed to be easy to use in the water, you don’t need to use buttons to navigate your Swimming Training Watch. Simply rotate your wrist and tap the screen to gain full control over your watch.

  • Swimming Community

    Share your swim data with your friends via Facebook and other fitness apps. Compete, compare, and cheer each other on.

How Swimmo watch works?

Wake Up and Charge
Unboxing Video
Put Your Swimmo On
Navigate via Rotate&Tap™
Create Your Own Training Goals

What’s in the box

  • Swimmo smart swimming watch
  • Charger with USB cable
  • Mobile apps for
    Swimmo iOS appSwimmo Android app
  • Quick start manual & warranty

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When Swimmo will be delivered?

    We've grown from a Kickstarter project to a company with a highly demanded product among swimmers. Estimated ship out time is 4 to 8 weeks. We do realize it might be frustrating but it is worth the wait! We are still increasing our production capacity and soon we hope to shorten the wait time.

  • How to buy Swimmo watch?

    Swimmo is currently offered in our e-store and selected e-commerce partners. Due to high sales demand, we are focusing on online channels only. If you want to get Swimmo, buy online now.

  • Do you ship products to my country?

    We ship worldwide so wherever you are, you can get Swimmo products. Currently shipping cost is paid by us for the United States and most of Europe. In the rest of countries there is 10 USD flat fee.

  • United States. Will I have to pay duties or taxes on top of product price?

    Your Swimmo will be free of any duties or additional taxes, because your package will be sent from U.S. warehouse.

  • European Union. Will I have to pay duties/taxes on top of product price?

    Your Swimmo will be free of any duties or taxes, because your package will be sent from warehouse in European Union. What’s more, the EU VAT tax is paid by us.

  • Other countries. Will I have to pay duties/taxes on top of product price?

    Your Swimmo will be sent as a trackable package with declared value using reputable courier service. The international shipping cost is paid upfront, but still some duties/taxes may apply depending on your country.

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