20 interesting swimming fun facts

Swimming is engaging and fun but also full of weirdness and crazy fun facts. So we have decided to make a little compilation of fun facts, stats, and information about our favorite sport! Enjoy!

Crazy Swimming Stats and Info

Swimming burns almost 40% more calories than biking per hour.

‚Fast pool’ is a kind of swimming pool with an effective gutter system that prevents the wave from creating.

Swimming burns almost 30% more calories than running per hour.

65% of Americans can’t swim!

The biggest pool in the world is 7 times bigger than a football field and you can find it in Casablanca, Marroco

Swimming History Facts

Paintings found in Egypt depict people swimming back in 2500 BCE.

Swimming became an Olympic sport in 1896.

Women only started competing in the Olympics swimming competitions in 1912 – 16 years after men.

President Gerald Ford had an outdoor swimming pool built at the White House in 1975.

The Titanic was the first ocean liner to have a swimming pool.

The first ever swimming race was held 2055 years ago in Japan.

Weird swimming stuff

More than half of world-class swimmers suffer from shoulder pain

Breaststroke is the slowest Olympic stroke

Space shuttle turbopump could empty an Olympic pool under 25 seconds.

Freedivers are able to hold their breath for over 10 minutes!

Swimmers’ ankles are so flexible, they can touch the ground with their toes while laying down on their backs.

Swimmers are actually sweating while swimming in the pool – remember to hydrate!

The first ever swimming goggles were crafted from tortoise shells.

Professional swimmers often state that they are shaving their body to ‚feel the water better’.

When swimming, you are using EVERY major muscle in your body.

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