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Swimmo is a next-gen smart swim watch. Monitor your swim. Set goals to stay on track. Swim smarter with IntensityCoach™, PaceKeeper™ and heart rate monitor.

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Swimmo - Three Colors - Many Features

    Three smart features communicate with you using vibrations.

  • IntensityCoach™


    Make sure that your heart rate
    and intensity is always right.

  • PaceKeeper™


    Feel smart vibrations when you
    need to speed up or slow down.

  • TrainingGuide™


    Have full control over your training.
    Reach and surpass your goals.

Monitor Your Swim Workout

  • Laps (Auto Count)

  • Distance in Yards or Meters

  • Swimming Pace / Speed

  • Duration & Lap Times

  • Your Heart Rate

  • Calories You've Burned

More Than Counting Laps

  • Set Goals to Swim with the TrainingGuide™

    Set your goal for the next swim workout. Simply choose the number of calories you would like to burn, distance to swim or just duration of swimming.

  • Beat Your Personal Bests and Challenge Others

    Track you best times and personal records. Get notified the moment you beat them. Swimmo makes swimming more social. Compete with your friends or people nearby.

  • Your Swimming Log with Workout Analysis

    In the mobile app you can also see a full summary of all your past results or look back at individual workouts. See comprehensive stats and how your results change over time.

Set Goals to Swim with the TrainingGuide™Beat Your Personal Bests and Challenge OthersYour Swimming Log with Workout Analysis

Your Swim Results Available In Other Apps

Swimmo watch wirelessly uploads your swim workouts to your favorite fitness/running app, so you can have all your sport activities in one place.

  • Strava
  • RunKeeper
  • Facebook
  • Swim.com
  • Twitter
  • MapMyFitness
  • Endomondo
  • HealthKit

Burn Fat Faster by Swimming Smarter

Set to stay in the "fat burn" heart rate zone to burn up to 85% energy from fat. Reach your perfect weight easily. It's our ShapeKeeper™.

Latest swimming technology available for You

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Future Proof with Upcoming Features

  • Open Water Swim Mode

    Take your Swimmo outside of the pool. Measure your performance while swimming in a lake, river or sea!

  • Swimming Stroke Analysis

    Swimmo watch detects your swimming style and counts your strokes, their rate, length as well as SWOLF efficiency score.

  • Pro Interval Training

    Set up your Swimmo watch with an advanced interval training plan. Swim even more effectively.

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