Things only swimmers say (real quotes)

Today we’ve gathered some of swimming quotes that best define us and what we do…Warning – it might be hard to understand for non-swimmers…


  1. Can you talk to my other ear? I have water in this one.

Swimmer’s ear is a nightmare. And every time you think you’re fine it comes back with a vengeance!


  1. OMG I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on!

We really don’t have many occasions to see each other outside of the pool…


  1. You think he looks cute in this picture? You should see him in speedos.

Well, what can we say – one of the perks of being a swimmer.


  1. I can’t…I have swimming practice.

Basically, our social life happens on the pool and outside of swimming season so we’d love to hang out with you but in order to make it happen you’d have to come to my practice…


  1. I hate swimming / I love swimming.

Swimming workouts are a real emotional roller coaster. During the 200 fly it’s a nightmare. Right after beating personal record it’s heaven.


  1. I wish I was a diver.

They look so magnificent while we are dying in the pool…


  1. Happy birthday! Did you bring any food?

We love you but feed us first!


  1. OMG, my hair froze AGAIN (after winter training)


  1. Who wants to go for second breakfast after the training?

…and the third just before first lunch?


  1. My shoulders are too big for this dress….

…but I love myself just the way my pool training made me!



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