6 swimming tips and tricks you will love

Wanting to get better as a swimmer means hard work and countless hours in the pool. One of the ways to accelerate the progress is to look of the advice from your coach, swimming buddies, and articles like this one! That’s right, today we have 6 swimming tips and tricks you will love!

Keep your elbow high

While swimming crawl you should keep your elbow high in the recovery stage to be ready for the pull by catching water early. It will also help you with any unnecessary body rotation. All that will contribute to improved freestyle performance.

Straight like an arrow

We are constantly surprised how often this problem keeps the best of us from achieving their full potential as a swimmer. We will repeat this as a mantra until you all remember – keep your arms straight above your head and place your hand over the other! Streamlining your body position is simply necessary for all the other elements of your technique to be effective. Do not fight the water and gain an immense amount of speed with just this one thing!

Why your kicks are all wrong

Well, maybe not yours…but this is such a common mistake that we’ve decided to give it this rude title :) When swimming freestyle your kicks should not involve your knee at all. Any knee movement will introduce additional friction and will slow you down. Simply imagine kicking a football starting from your hip. The power comes from the hip to your ankle without bending your knee. The difference will blow your mind! :)

Buddy system

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article – becoming a better swimmer is hard work and many hours in the pool. It may become boring and it is very easy to lose all your motivation. That’s why you should look for ways to make swimming more exciting and someone that will hold you accountable to your own goals and plans. Buddy system, where you and your friend help each other during workouts is exactly that! It’s so much easier to get to the pool when you have an obligation to a friend of yours.

Keep your head still

Another element of your freestyle that will help you greatly – keep your head as still as possible. Move it only to take breaths while keeping the waterline just above your eyebrows. This combined with streamlined body position will instantly help you gain speed like never before.

Stay in your lane

The lane etiquette is the basis of a successful workout for everyone in a more crowded environment. You break the rules will turn against you in no time, as the harmonious flow of swimmers is the only way any of you will have an effective training session.

In most cases, all you need to remember are three rules:

  • see if the lane goes clockwise or counterclockwise
  • be constantly aware of swimmers around you
  • always stop and let faster swimmers pass at the end of the pool

Hope you can use these simple tips to achieve more in a shorter amount of time in the pool and build your confidence as a swimmer. If you ever want to better understand your progress check out Swimmo training watch and app that lets you measure and analyze your swimming sessions!


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