How to stay safe at the pool during the pandemic?

We know that airborne droplets are the main vector for coronavirus transmission – this is the reason for relying on facemasks. When you’re in the pool, the chances of infection are minimized (mostly due to chlorine), but being actually in the water is obviously only a part of your trip to the pool. Common sense and basic precauctions are necessary for us to keep enjoying our favourite sport in this difficult time.
First and foremost, we should follow the respective regulations and restrictions imposed by the local and and national authorities, as well as by the pool management. Apart from that, here are some general tips that one should keep in mind.

Best Ways to Stay Safe at the Pool

⦁ Maintain a Safe Distance From Others

Since COVID-19 is killed by chlorine and bromine, swimming in pools with chlorinated water is considered relatively safe. While the virus cannot be transmitted through chlorinated water, you can still be exposed to a direct contact if you are too close to other swimmers. Just like outside of the pool, keep reasonable distance while swimming.

⦁ Choose A Local Pool To Reduce Excessive Travel 

While most of us do so for convenience anyway, it’s advised to choose a nearby pool to limit excessive travel during the pandemic. This not only limits a risk to yourself, but also potentially prevents spreading the virus outside a specific area.

⦁ Don’t Forget To Pack Extra

You’ll need to pack your bags with more stuff than usually. Make sure to have hand sanitizer, extra masks, and extra drinking water with you. These things help you to stay safe at the pool in this pandemic.

⦁ Wear A Mask While out of Water

Obviously wearing a mask while actually swimming would not make much sense, but that does not mean that this common precaution does not apply in other areas. Changing rooms, restrooms, corridors are places where you could still be exposed, so don’t forget to wear a mask there. Remember to make sure that your face and the mask are dry!

⦁ Follow the local rules and regulations

Most pools have updated and adopted certain rules and regulations to help to prevent the transmission of the virus. These measures often include the use of toilets and changing that may be restricted, seating areas that may not be accessible, and fountains that may be off-limits. Keep this in mind and be prepared ahead.

⦁ Don’t Share Swimming Gear and Other Items

As always, you will have your own basics, such as goggles, cap, towels, slippers and the Swimmo swimming watch. However, be mindful of items that are usually shared, such as kick boards, various floaties, fixed hairdryers. Whatever you cannot bring your own, sanitize!

⦁ Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize

It’s should suffice to use soap and water, but using hand sanitizer (usually alcohol-based) is a valid alternative. Apart from sanitizing your hands, remember about the items and surfaces you touch (here the sanitizer is the more practical choice).

⦁ Limit Group Visits To A Minimum

Many pools have a fixed limit of individuals allowed at any given time, even outside the pandemic. Rules for most pools that remain open include limits to the number of people per lane. Even if no such rules apply to your pool, it’s not a bad idea to limit your group to immediate family that you live with anyway or to friends that you have contact with regardless of the pool visit (such as at work).

⦁ Plan Your Visit During Off-Peak Hours

Planning your pool tour for off-peak hours is among the easiest approaches to prevent crowds; this can vary locally, but in general there will be fever people during: 
⦁ Workdays 
⦁ Early mornings
⦁ Evening hours


The reason for all these precautions is staying healthy. Coincidentally, this is also the main reason for practicing swimming (or any other sports). We believe that sport is crucial for being healthy and resigning from it altogether due to COVID would have an effect opposite to the intended one in the long run. Adjust and prepare accordingly, follow common sense, precautions and restrictions applicable for your area so that you can keep swimming even in these unusual circumnstances. Stay safe!


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