How much water you need during and before swimming training?

A secret ingredient of an incredible performance in the pool that we often overlook is our water intake. It is of course very important with all the athletes but especially for swimmers. There are two reasons for that.

Firstly, while we’re in the water our brains are getting tricked that we have plenty of fluids around us and do not need any more so it doesn’t send out a signal to our throat that we are thirsty.

Secondly, while in the pool we often forget about the fact we are still sweating and have to hydrate just as any other athlete.

Health, VO2 and swimming hydration

Intensive and long distance swimming requires a lot of fluid intake but all swimmers need additional hydration.

Dehydration might be very dangerous for your health and have a great impact on your performance. Proper hydration is key for the health of your kidneys that produce red blood cells and improves your oxygen efficiency – VO2.


How much fluids are enough during swimming training?

In general, insufficient fluids intake not only leads to the feeling of physical fatigue but also lowers your focus – both very bad factors when it comes to performing well in the swimming pool.

According to the general rule, to calculate how much water you need when not in training simply take your weight, divide it in two and that will be the number of ounces of fluids you need every day.

As a swimmer, you should additionally drink 16 ounces of fluids two hours before the training so they go into the pool well hydrated. What is more, always bring water with you to the swimming workout. This way you can always replenish your fluids reserve while working out. To rehydrate properly you should drink about 8 ounces every 20 minutes unless you’re in the pool for less than half an hour. Don’t forget about drinking after finishing the training as it will help body recovery.


Why is this so important – chemistry of a well hydrated body.

Our body is in over 60% water. It is no surprise that water and electrolytes are what allows your muscles and nerves to work at full capacity. These two types of tissue are considered electrical and fluids and electrolytes enable them to function properly giving you physical and psychological boost when performing in the pool and throughout the day.

Sources of electrolytes

Here’s a list of some products that can additionally help you to enrich your electrolytes intake:



If during the workout, you feel your muscles cramping you might be able to stop it quickly by taking a salt pill with a lot of water, but as always – preventing that from happening is a much better policy.

We hope this simple guide will help you stay well hydrated and give your all during workouts and competitions!

Swimmo can help you be better swimmer

Swimming (and being amazing in the pool during competitions) requires incredible amount of discipline and every way you can be more focused and more efficient during the swim is giving you time and strength to do the extra mile and remember every little advice of your coach or swimming partner.

That’s why it is ideal to have objective metrics after and during every workout and Swimmo Training Watch and App that will immediately let you know if you are making progress or if there’s something you need to change in your workout routine.

With automatic lap counting, pace, heart rate monitor and advanced mobile app from Swimmo you will always know how are you doing in the pool and how close you are to achieving your immediate and long-term goals.



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  • Real-Time Haptic Feedback

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  • Training History
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  • Swimming Community

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