Some tips for every style

Every swimming style is unique and different, and every single one is beloved or hated by swimmers worldwide, all for different reasons. Whatever style is your favorite (and whichever is your least favorite), there are always ways to improve each of them. Here are some of the most useful style-specific tips and tricks to improve your speed, technique, and performance

Crawl (freestyle)

Align your head

The more streamlined you are, the faster you will be, and the better your time will be. In order to remain as streamlined as possible, you need to keep your head in line with your body and still at all times. You should always be looking directly at the bottom of the pool and not forward.

Breathe correctly

Many swimmers lift their heads forward before turning to the side to breathe, which hips and legs to drop, slowing you down. Instead, you should roll to the side and simultaneously turn your head a bit further, making your mouth leave the water to get some air. In this position, one eye should be above and one eye below the water when you get a breath.


Try to swim downhill

You do not really have to swim downhill, but you should work towards having a sense of swimming downhill. This means that you will be charging forward with your stroke.

Use a narrow and powerful kick

Most swimmers tend to have a slow and wide kick, but the key is to keep it narrow and fast. Keep your quads quite narrow, and whip your lower legs back as it will make you more streamlined, which generates more power without exposing yourself to drag.

It is all in the timing

Do your best to time your arm action and leg kick so that some force is always propelling you through the water. The arms will drive you forward while the legs recover, and the legs will drive you forward while the hands recover.


Train your legs.

This tip is fulfilled outside of the pool: you need to train your legs to be powerful and strong. Backstroke swimming style is all about strong, muscular legs and a powerful kick. Every backstroke swimmer needs to have strong legs in order to maintain speed and finish strong.

Keep your head straight and still

Your body is going to be following your head in the pool. You should make sure that your head is straight and still at all times and that it is not moving all over the place.


Make sure your kicks are small and quick

Many swimmers tend to over-kick while swimming butterfly by bending their knees too much, which creates a big splash behind. This action limits the mobility in your hips, which is the opposite of the goal. Most of your forward movement should not come from the kick; it should come from the body roll. Bend your knees a bit with your feet touching, and then press the feet downward in a quick motion without separating them.

Position yourself correctly.

The crown of your head should lead your body through the water, and your shoulders and hips should follow, positioned horizontally. While you are swimming, try to keep your body close to the surface of the water.


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