Swimming for Overweight People – Benefits, Tips, and Considerations

Overweight people often do find it difficult to find physical activities that will help get them in shape and keep them active and healthy. The high body mass and makes many movements difficult, and overweight people are much more likely to get injured, due to the mass they have to manipulate with their every movement. However, an environment that provides overweight people with a place to work out successfully is water! That is why swimming is often recommended as an ideal activity for heavy individuals seeking to become healthier and lose extra weight.

Benefits of Swimming for Overweight People

The benefits of water exercises for overweight people are more than extensive, and you should definitely get familiar with them if you are looking to get into swimming to deal with the extra weight and get healthier. The biggest plus of swimming for overweight people is that exercises performed in water are much safer for heavy people to partake in, compared to typical land exercises that are performed out of water. Why is this? Once you are submerged in water, the water is going to cushion all of your joints and improve your blood circulation. Swimming workouts also provide a whole-body workout that burns fat and calories, which is beneficial if your goal is weight loss. Overweight people are also going to benefit from staying cooled off in the pool, which will improve their endurance and prolong the time that they can work out.

Types of Swimming Exercises for Overweight People

The most classic swimming styles that we are all familiar with are probably freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. However, swimming is nowhere near limited to those movements and exercises, especially for beginners that are carrying a bit of extra weight on their body. The truth is that these classic strokes are very likely, at least at first, to be too strenuous for overweight people to accomplish, and they might lead to injury. If you are overweight and getting into swimming, you will benefit from low-impact aerobic exercises in the pool. Some of the most recommended water activities are simply walking or slowly jogging in the pool, jumping jacks in the water, jumps in the water, and side shuffling across the pool. For overweight individuals, working out in deep water is recommended because it shields the joints (which is very much needed since the joints are under a lot of stress for overweight people). Other beneficial and safe movements include dog paddling, practicing dolphin or frog kicks while holding a kickboard, and treading water. Of course there will be a point when you’re ready to move on to standard swimming exercise and doing laps in your preferred styles.

Things to Take Into Consideration Before You Start Swimming

Before you start swimming your heart away, you should and need to be aware that swimming increases the functioning of the lungs and heart. You should be careful not to exercise to the point of putting strain on these organs. If you are a beginner that is just starting your weight loss and swimming journey, make sure to take it slowly. It is also important to note that swimming is not a magic wand that will fix all of your weight-related issues. Swimming will not help if healthy nutrition and appropriate portions do not accompany it.


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