Tips for Getting Back Into Swimming After a Longer (Lockdown?) Break

Many people cannot wait to get back into the swimming pool once they reopen for the public, but many are fighting a feeling of being rusty due to being out of the pool for several weeks or even months. If you are one of those people, there is no need to feel disheartened or worried. You can come back into the pool and back into swimming even after a long break. All you have to do is modify your routine and approach a bit. You can do so by following our top tips for getting back into swimming.

Take It Slowly

If you have been out of the water for a while, it is in your absolute best interest not to push your body too hard during your first few swims. This is your best chance of avoiding an injury since your muscles are not in the same condition as when you are consistently training and swimming. Once we are allowed back in the pools, make sure to take the time to enjoy being back in the water and ease yourself back into swimming. Focus on getting your body used to swimming again and let your body enjoy it.

Stay Consistent

Once you get back to swimming, your best bet is to have a regular swim routine that you are going to stick to. Do your best to make a consistent schedule that you can stick to and then stick to it. You do not have to schedule a swim every day, but once or twice a week is a great measure that anyone can stick to. Consistency in training will provide improvements in your endurance, breathing, and technique. Moreover, you will fall back in love with swimming again!

Get a Swimming Buddy

Swimming is much more fun when you do not have to do it alone, which is why you should bring a swimming buddy with you! If you have a friend or a coworker that is looking to get back into swimming, you should team up with them and get on that journey together. A swimming buddy is going to encourage you to keep a regular routine, and they will be a fantastic motivator to keep pushing and keep going.

Get and Follow a Training Plan

Doing random swimming workouts will be great and very fun, but it will not get you closer to your goal. However, following a well-thought-out and well-structured plan is the best way to succeed and reach all of your goals! If you follow a swimming plan that is appropriately designed, you will be able to start and progress safely, avoid injuries and build long-term results. If you are just getting back into the pool after a long break, make sure to go for a beginner-friendly swimming plan.

Buy Some New, Fancy Swimwear

Before you get back into swimming, make sure to find a piece of swimwear that you feel confident and comfortable in. Swimwear that is appropriately fitted will not get in the way of your routine, and it will not distract you while swimming. You will also feel more motivated to go for a swim if you love what you are wearing! Swimming trackers like Swimmo are great motivators to get you going.


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