Why is swimming good for your body and mind?

From time to time we like to remind our readers about many benefits of swimming. It is very important to know that those benefits do not end with your physical health and that swimming is also very good for your mental health and strength! It is an amazing way to start a busy day but also a wonderful activity that will help you sleep like a baby!

So today we want to tell all of you why is swimming so good for both your body and your mind!

Ease your body pain and help heal your injuries

As swimming is a very safe sport it is accessible to more people than almost any other activity. People of all ages that are hurting from old age or injuries can spend more time swimming without many risks. This keeps them active, helps with many types of back pain and is a popular choice among physical therapists. It is also a number one motivation for starting swimming according to multiple studies and…to our own fans who often tells us why have they decided to get Swimmo in the first place.

Makes those muscles look even better!

Yes, as water is many times denser than air, moving through it is a perfect way to tone your muscles. The thing people often don’t know about swimming is the fact that we use EVERY major muscle during a session in the pool. This allows your body to develop in a harmonious way that will make you feel confident and happy about your progress…and there’s nothing more beautiful than confidence!

Helps you breathe

Swimming pools have a little known advantage over gyms – the air is always moist making it so much easier to breathe. Studies show that swimming has a positive impact on people suffering from asthma and can have long term impact on your lungs for that reason. It also helps you develop your lungs beyond anything else bringing you more oxygen so important for your energy levels.

The repetition can help your anxiety

As swimming training is based on the repetition and the strokes themselves are a steady cycle of repeated movements it has a mantra-like quality that helps you relax and chill after or before a stressful day. This is why so many people use their hour of swimming as a self-care tool that brings them the feeling of complete calm and lets them process whatever happened that day.

Swimming is a real kick of endorphins

Yes, you’ve heard it right – swimming makes you physically happy with the most beautiful of our body chemistry. Endorphins are shot to our bodies during a longer consistent swimming session literally filling us with the feeling of content and mental strength. This helps immensely with both anxiety and the lack of positive energy.

Takes care of your heart

Swimming at high enough intensity called also a cardio exercise bring you additional benefits like fat burning or improved endurance. The name 'cardio’ comes from the Latin word for the heart as it is based on your heart rate. As you can imagine this helps you reach a WHO recommendation of 150 minutes a week of elevated heart rate during an athletic effort. This is proved to help you sleep better, improve mental health and finally – make your heart stronger so you are ready to fight every day!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if you really want to pick up swimming this season why don’t you grab a Swimmo watch that helps you achieve goals and motivate you to keep at it!


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  • Swimming Community

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