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Swimmo focuses on developing the strength & power of muscles through customized training. SwimSwam

Reach peak performance with Swimmo’s unique immediate feedback modes Swimming Science

Swimmo will help swimmers improve their strength and get in shape H2Open Magazine

Easy-to-use swim watch that also looks great (...) Rotate&Tap technology is innovative. Magazine

Designed specifically for swimmers and built for continuous use underwater. Wired

...delightfully-named smart watch that shrugs off water like a duck slathered in hydrophobic butter...

The next best thing that’s going to improve your swimming game... SELF

No Wild Water Kingdom for you, iWatch... that’s the domain of Swimmo. Digital Trends

Success! Swimmo's target has been well and truly smashed! Wareable

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About Swimmo

Swimmo is the ultimate smart watch for swimmers. We provide unique functionality thanks to focus on the needs of casual and fitness swimmers up to tri-athletes and professionals.

Our system of Smart Vibration Notifications allows to correct your behavior without waiting for the results after your training session. Swimmer will be alerted to swim faster/slower while in the pool to maximize the benefits of every minute spent on the training whether you work with heart rate zones or perfect pace.

Multiple modern features like automatic lap count or swimming style detection allow you to enjoy full swimming experience without constantly checking your smart watch and focusing on what's important to you - health, relax or beating your personal records.

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