Swimming Log Book App for Android & iOS

Crucial part of getting better at swimming is to keep a log of the results from previous training sessions to be able to analyze your swim. This way, looking back at your last training or looking back at your history you can see the factors of your progress as well as things that might hold you back from getting faster or stronger. This journal of results is what we call the swim log.

How to keep your swimming log?

The classic way of keeping your swimming results is a pen & paper solution. There are champions and professionals who still use this method to keep track of their progress. For many though it is far too complicated and time consuming and they simply doesn’t do it losing the benefit of constant feedback loop.

Others use spreadsheets or online apps as swim log books but quickly forget about it and are left with incomplete results or using last century ugly solutions that doesn’t really make you interested in looking at your swimming history.

Modern technology to help You

The best way we see is to use swimming smart watch in conjunction with swim log app for your iPhone or Android phone! This way your log is always complete and always up to date without you doing anything!

Thanks to modern mobile technology you can send results from the watch using Bluetooth LE to your phone automatically and enjoy beautiful charts and progress bars that will keep you motivated and proud of your achievements!

The great news is that there's a solution that is accurate, automatic and affordable all at the same time! Swimmo Training Watch and App among dozens of other features allow you to log all your swimming history and keep it always with you thanks to automatic sync from the watch to mobile app!

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